Beating Hearts Baby — Week 2!!


Hey guys!

So, here is my cut of Beating Hearts Baby by Head Automatica (love the song, btw!) I added a few percussion tracks (although, I think there still might be room for a few more..) and just some vocals.

Really excited to see how this one turns out! Over to you, Canada 🙂



March – Beating Hearts Baby – WEEK 1

Hey guys!

Sooo…I know we haven’t quite finished January/February month’s song (Such Great Heights – which I am loving) but I wanted to get the ball rolling with March’s song so that we don’t fall toooooo far behind. Plus, I have been very eager to share my song. I chose “Beating Hearts Baby” by Head Automatica. For those of you who know this song, it’s normally a lot more upbeat, but I wanted to slow it down a little and was inspired by a ukelele version I heard. Hope you guys enjoy and let’s get to it! Go, Mollie, go!! Enjoy. 🙂

“Such Great Heights” — Week 2!


So, It was really my week, not Mollie’s (Julia, why you gotta try to phase me out like that? – haha….jk.) No, but seriously – I love the song Julia, and you did a great job. I wanted to try to make it a little different from The Postal Service’s version and give it a bit of a twist. So, this was my first attempt at “Punk Grass” as Mollie and I like to call it, and although I wasn’t sure what it would sound like, I decided to add some mandolin. And of course some harmonies. 🙂 Still much to be filled out, so I am excited! NOW….over to you, Mollie.

❤ Laura

Such Great Heights – Week 1

Hey everybody, it’s Julia (4th child in the family). So I asked if I could do the song for this month and decided to do Such Great Heights as done by the Postal Service! I mostly just did the bass with some keyboard parts and vocals. Sorry that the video is so late… But, better late than never I guess. This week is Mollie’s, so here it is!

Always — Week Three


Sorry about the glitchy post from last night…let’s try this again

Hello world!

Uh haha haha. Here is take three of our rendition of “always” — made popular by the ever-addicting Robot Unicorn (which, by the way, you should all check out if you haven’t yet).

We had a lot of fun with this one. This week’s track features honorary Scheiber brother Alex Van Gils on bass and lead guitar. You rock, dude. Ugh. I don’t like saying “dude.” Thanks again, buddy. haha. I don’t like “buddy” either. Thanks, Alex.

As Laura said, sorry for being so late on this one. Hope you enjoy–take it away Val!

~Mo Lo zollie Pop

**transcribed by Alex Van Gils